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Selections of items to be migrated can be accessed from the Web GUI after clients have been added to the environments.

Step 1

From the Web GUI navigate to the Configuration side bar and choose Selections.

Selections 01.JPG

Step 2

This will display a view of your environments. Results are split between client that you can migrate FROM and which environment you can migrate TO. In our example, we are migrating FROM an HPE environment to a NetBakcup.

Selections 03.JPG

Step 3

Proceed to edit the selection by clicking on the pencil icon.

Selections 04.JPG

Step 4

Another page will open, where you will be able to select which clients can be migrated from the Source environment to the Target. Make your selection and use the arrows shown on the picture below to add or remove items.

Selections 05.JPG

Perform the same step for all other options of Workloads, Renames and Credentials.

Step 5

When ready to proceed, select the picture of the Floppy Disk to save changes and move to the next page.