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Selections enables granularity for including objects for migration , this feature lets you select specific components for migration.Click on Actions on sidebar and you will find Selections under Actions.

Some Key Points about selections are :-

Image Rules - You can either select all images in the catalog to migrate or you can select images based on different image properties like Backup Time,Expire Time,Policy etc.

Config Object Rules - Again same like Image Rules either you choose to migrate everything or make granular selections for different configuration objects like specific Workloads,Residencies etc.

Rename Rules -

Pre-Duplication Rules -

Duplication Rules -

Note:- Selections should be modified only before the transition is started.Changes to selections after transition will invalidate the existing license. Similar warning can be seen on the selections page.

Step 1

Click on Selections under Actions->Selections and click on Create Migration Pair

Select the Origin i.e. Source backup server and Destination i.e. TZM-NAS-Connector(


Step 2

Default Selections (Migrate Everything) :-

Follow below steps for selecting everything for a migration.By everything we means all images in catalog and all config objects.

Step 1:- Click on the Image Rules and select Migrate everything and hit Apply rules.You will see the notification of Applying Rules , wait for that notification to clear and close the tab.

Step 2:- Toggle the Rules button towards complex for selecting all config objects.

Granular Selections (Migrate Specific Data) :-

Step 1:- Click on the Image Rules and select Images based on different properties.

Step 2:- Click on the Config Object Rules and select Config objects based on different properties.

Note :- Below steps are applied only for Cross Vendor Migrations , for same vendor migration you can break and move to Jump to Pre-Assessment .

Step 3

Click on Pre-Duplication

Jump to Pre-Assessment

Return to Select Migration Components