Anti-Virus Considerations

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Antivirus software, and some or software based firewall programs, may interfere with Tranzman Agents or even the Backup Software. This can result in performance issues, or unpredictable behaviour.

The requirements for Tranzman are similar to those provided by the Backup Vendors, and in order to ensure that the migration runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible we recommend that any recommendations given by the backup vendors are taken into account, along with the recommendations made below.

Tranzman Requirements for virus scanner exclusions

It would be recommended that for the Duration of the migration the virus scanner is either disabled, or the following processes and directories are excluded.


Excluded the following agent processes on the Backup servers from on-access scanning


Exclude the following folders, and all sub folders, from on-access and full scans


NetBackup Specific Requirements

During the process Tranzman temporarily renames some files, copies in alternatives and then after processing moves the back, this is done with the following NetBackup commands and paths should also be excluded for the duration of the migration

<NBU INSTALL PATH>\NetBackupDB\win64\dbunload.exe
<NBU INSTALL PATH>\NetBackupDB\win64
<NBU INSTALL PATH>\NetBackup\bin\nbdb_unload.exe

Furthermore, NetBackup recommends addition of exclusions in your anti-virus product for the following commonly blocked items.

Processes(Windows notation)

   dbsrv16.exe - Adaptive Server Anywhere - NetBackup Relational Database Manager  
                (check service to identify precise binary name as it will change when NBU is updated dbsrvNN.exe)
   nbars.exe - NetBackup Agent Request Server
   nbaudit.exe - NetBackup Audit Manager
   nbatd.exe - NetBackup Authentication
   nbazd.exe - NetBackup Authorization
   bmrd.exe - NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Master Server
   nbcssc.exe - NetBackup CloudStore Service Container
   bpcompatd.exe - NetBackup Compatibility Service
   spoold.exe - NetBackup Deduplication Engine
   spad.exe - NetBackup Deduplication Manager
   mtstrmd.exe - NetBackup Deduplication Multi-Threaded Agent
   nbdisco.exe - NetBackup Discovery Framework
   nbevtmgr.exe - NetBackup Event Manager
   nbim.exe - NetBackup Indexing Manager
   nbkms.exe - NetBackup Key Management Service
   nbemm.exe - NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager Service
   nbjm.exe - NetBackup Job Manager Service
   nbnos.exe - NetBackup Notification Service (on NetBackup 6.x and earlier)
   nbpem.exe - NetBackup Policy Execution Manager Service
   nbrb.exe - NetBackup Resource Broker Service
   nbrmms.exe - NetBackup Remote Manager and Monitor Service
   nbsl.exe - NetBackup Service Layer Service
   nbostpxy.exe - NetBackup Proxy Service
   nbsvcmon.exe - NetBackup Service Monitor Service
   nbstserv.exe - NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager
   nbvault.exe - NetBackup Vault Manager Service
   nbftclnt.exe - NetBackup SAN Client Fibre Transport Service
   nbwmc.exe - NetBackup Web Management Console
   java.exe - Tomcat
   vnetd.exe - NetBackup Legacy Network Service
   vmd.exe - NetBackup Volume Manager Service
   bpcompatd.exe - NetBackup Compatibility Service
   bpinetd.exe - NetBackup Client Service
   bpdbm.exe - NetBackup Database Manager Service
   ltid.exe - NetBackup Device Manager Service
   bprd.exe - NetBackup Request Manager Service
   bpjobd.exe - NetBackup Job Daemon
   bpbkar32.exe - NetBackup Backup Engine
   bpbrm.exe - NetBackup Backup and Restore Manager
   bpcd.exe - NetBackup Connection Daemon
   bptm.exe - NetBackup Tape Manager
   bpdm.exe - NetBackup Disk Manager
   tar32.exe - NetBackup Restore Engine
   pbx_exchange.exe - Veritas (Veritas) Private Branch Exchange Service
   cmd.exe - this is called by NetBackup nbproxy.exe, nbpem.exe and nbjm.exe


The following paths and their SUBFOLDERS are also normally excluded from on-access scanning
 <NBU INSTALL PATH\NetBackup\db   (on some systems this has been created as a link, the real endpoint folders / drives should also be excluded )