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Antivirus software, and some or software based firewall programs, may interfere with Tranzman Agents or even the Backup Software. This can result in performance issues, or unpredictable behaviour.

The requirements or Tranzman are similar to those provided by the Backup Vendors, and in order to ensure that the migration runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible we recommend that any recommendations given by the backup vendors are taking into account, along with the recommendations made below.

1) Excluded the following agent processes on the Backup servers from on-access scanning

a. <InstallPath>/srl/tzmclnt/tzmclnt.exe

b. <InstallPath>/srl/tzmclnt/tzmclntshdw.exe

c. <InstallPath>/srl/tzmclnt/tzmsub.exe

d. <InstallPath>/srl/tzmclnt/nssm.exe

2) Exclude the following folders, and sub folders, from on-access and full scans

a. <installPath>/srl/tzmclnt

Backup Vendor Recommendations



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