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Here are common problems/ questions asked about Tranzman and simple solutions to fixing them.

The Web GUI keeps saying connection refused when I browse to its page. The appliance is on, because I can still remote connect to it.

  • This can happen if the services on the appliance encounter an error. From the CLI go to support => services => services_restart
  • Now go to the Web GUI address and this should be working now.

How do I configure my Windows NBU environment to work with the Tranzman Appliance?

  • When using Tranzman with a Windows NBU master server, the NetBackup Client Service (bpcd.exe) needs to be configured to use a "service account" and not "local system" account.
  • This is because the Tranzman Appliance storage is presented as a "share" to the NetBackup Master server. See Veritas Technote 000014282 for more details.