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Finalize in Tranzman refers to the stage where all catalog components have been migrated and the environments can be finalised i.e. During this process objects are deactivated on the origin and activated on the destination. Objects here refer to the Media Servers, Storage Servers, Robotic Devices , Storage units , Policies and Clients.

Follow the below steps to perform Finalize.

Step 1

Click on Actions->Finalize and you should see two sections of Origin and Destination. We have to finalize origin backup environment first.Basically we have to stop the functioning of the origin backup environment. Briefly, just make sure you have the ticks in the Check column against all the jobs.

Step 2

Start initialization of Origin Finalize first and click on the Play.JPG against the Init Finalize job. Similary click the Play.JPG against all the other jobs in sequence (wait for a job to finish and mark a tick before going on to the next one) and make sure you get the ticks against each job till Finalize Origin.

Note.png Note: In some cases it might not be possible to get a tick against some jobs. e.g. In below picture we are not switching all the 6 hosts. For those cases click on the Toggle.JPG to acknowledge and it should give a hyphen in front of the job rather than a tick.


Step 3

Once you see the tick againt Finalize Origin job , it means all the backup components on the origin are deactivated and now it's time to activate the backup components on the origin. Follow the same process as above for destination and once you get the tick against the Finalize Destination it would mean all the backup components on destination has been activated and the Destination finalize should look like below.


Note.png Note: During destination finalize all the NBU hosts need to be promoted to start using the destination master server as the preffered master server. Refer to the Host management page to switch the master server. Hosts promoted check under Destination Finalize is the count of those hosts with switched master server.