Transition Readiness

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The Tranzman transition readiness is controlled by the Start Transition page.It basically gives you a checklist of the items that should be configured before you can hit the StartTransitionButton.JPG

Any unconfigured item will be highlighted with a Cross.JPG.

Target is to make sure all the items has GreenTick.JPG in front.

As an example the below screenshot highlights that License is still not added but rest of the configurations has been done.


You can go to Licensing Page to check how to add the license.

Once you add the License your checklist should be complete with all green ticks , should look like as shown below and you should be able to hit StartTransitionButton.JPG


All the above steps demonstrate that the Appliance is ready for data transfer now and data transfer can be initiated.

Once you hit the StartTransitionButton.JPG , it should say TransitionInProgress.JPG for a successful data transfer initialization.

Jump to the Dashboard to Monitor the transition

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