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In terms of reporting and logging Tranzman has categorised them in to five sections which can be viewed from Views on Tranzman UI on the sidebar.



Tranzman Appliance has a reporting feature which is classified further in to different sections.Statistics are displayed as different types of chart.User can choose to see those reports either as for individual environments or for all environments.Click on Views -> Reports to access those charts.On the extreme top right corner there is a button named Selections which is used to control the display of the charts.

ReportsFullSelections.jpg will display the charts against data selected for migration.

ReportsNoneSelections.jpg will display the charts against non selected data.

ReportsBothSelections.jpg will display the charts against both selected and non selected data.

Below picture shows the charts against the selected data.



Any errors or failures will be logged under Alerts.


Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor section provides information of all the jobs that has run or are running on the Tranzman appliance.Jobs could be filtered by Environment,Action,State,Job Number.


Restore Logs

Restore specific logs are shown in the Restore logs section. It provides information for :- Image - ImageId used for restore Path - Source data path Device - NFS/CIFS mounted on Appliance for restore New path - Destination path for restore State - State of restore like new,completed,error etc.

Note.png Note: Restore Logs are shown only when Tranzman is used to restore the data as files i.e. when migration type is

"Recovery to Files"


Auditing is enabled by default on tranzman and all the audit related logs could be viewed from Audit section.


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