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The Tranzman Appliance can be used to carry out Pre-Assessment checks, allowing consultants to highlight pre-existing issues in the backup environment which needs to be resolved before the migration takes place.

Step 1

Go to Validation on the sidebar and click on Pre-Assessment.The page should look something like as shown below.


Step 2

Click on RefreshButton.JPG and this should start the Assessment job.The page will show the progress of the Assessment job. Wait for the job to finish.


Step 3

Once Pre-Assessment is finished the webpage should look like below where there will be two sections of Issues and Limitations.

Both sections of Issues and Limitations are further categorise in to Origin and Destination with respect to the test cases.

Any inconsistency in either Origin or Destination will be seen with a Warning.JPG icon.

Make sure to resolve all the highlighted inconsistencies before proceeding with the migration.


Step 4

Pre-Assessment also enables you to review your backup Environments configurations and Migration Plan

To view the Migration Plan go to Validation->Migration Plan.


To view summary of backup Environments go to Validation->Environments.


Note :- All the above steps are similar irrespective of type of migration.

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