VERITAS NetBackup Recovery

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Tranzman is capable of recovering NetBackup written data as files.Now within migrating data to NBU there are further two more classifications :-

So far Tranzman can recover any data written by the NetBackup backup software.

Below NBU specific Recovery table shows different backup types and their supported recovery methods.Click on to jump straight to the restore steps.
Backup Type / Recovery Type Recovery As Files Migrate to NBU (File Restore) Migrate to NBU (Native Restore)
Filesystem ( Windowd /*nix ) ×
DB2 ×
Oracle ×
Sybase ×
Lotus Domino ×
MS-Exchange ×
SAP R3 ×
MS-SharePoint ×
VMWare ×

Note.png Note: It is very important that whenever any of the recovery steps are initiated, for the Tranzman Appliance and all relevant servers be synchronised to the correct time, data and timezone. Failure to do this will potentially result in data not being found by the appliance during the restore process.