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2.0 Tranzman Release [Beta]

  • Redesigned Web Frontend.
  • New Features:-
    • Media Import / Recovery without Catalog
    • Pre-Migration Assessments / Plans / Environment Config for (Catman Assessment, and NetBackup to NetBackup migrations).
    • Migration Lifecycle Reports
    • Automatic Disk Layout.
    • Automatic Image Duplication
  • New Origin Support:-
    • Data Protector
  • Security Updates.
    • OpenSSH-7.9p
    • OpenSSL-1.0.2q

1.0 Tranzman Release

  • Changes to Web Interface to use Python Flask and React Javascript Library.
  • Introduction of Command line shell based on clish-0.7.3
  • Changes to remove MHVTL, and replace with Disk based storage shared using SMB and NFS
  • TSM Readers and NBU Writers written in CPP to improve performance.
  • Postgres Database updated to 9.6

0.1 Initial Prototype

  • Written in Perl and Python.
  • Demonstrated migration of NetBackup to NetBackup
  • Demonstrated migration of Linux and Windows File system data protected in TSM being recovered through NetBackup.
  • Based on Perl Dancer Used for Web Front End,
  • Centos 6.8 OS, minimal install.
  • MHVTL providing the VTL connectivity