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The following method has been tested with the version of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for recovering the Database Files and getting the server back up and running.

Step 1

Login to the NetBackup GUI and navigate to Backup, Archive and Restore section.


Step 2

Click on the Restore Files tab and select the Source, Destination Client and type of Policy to restore the SharePoint backup files. The Policy Type will be Standard.


Step 3

Under Browse Directory select the DB files files to restore.


Step 4

Chose to restore to a different location, and change the target destination to a temporary location on any Unix machine. Then restore the files and copy the restored files to the SharePoint server.

SharePoint-RestoreDirectory.jpg SharePoint-Copy-Restored-Files.jpg

Step 5

If your SharePoint farm has SQL Server Management Studio installed then please follow this step , else jump to step 6 to restore using SQLCMD.

Login to the SSMS and do a native MSSQL Database restore from .BAK files.

SharePoint SSMS Restore DB-1.jpg

SharePoint SSMS Restore DB-2.jpg

Step 6

Use SQLCMD to restore your DB as shown in the below screenshots.

SharePoint SQLCMD Restore DB.jpg