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Follow the steps on this page to recover a Sybase database.

Note.png Note: The page size of the dump to be restored and of the ASE server should be matched. Run the batch file process located on "C:\SAP\ASE-16_0\install\RUN_WINSYBASE.bat" to display the page size.

Step 1

Login to the NetBackup GUI and navigate to Backup, Archive and Restore section.


Step 2

Click on the Restore Files tab and select the Source, Destination Client and type of Policy to restore the Sybase backup files. The Policy Type will be Standard.

Sybase-Restore Policy.jpg

Step 3

Under Browse Directory select the Sybase database backup files to restore. In this example we are restoring database pubs3


Step 4

Chose to restore to a different location, and change the target destination to a temporary location on the Sybase Server. i.e. C:\Backup

Step 5

Restore the image on the SQL client as a ".dump" file.

Step 6

Log in to the "isql utility" and create the database to be restored.

> create database pubs3 > on default = 4

Step 7

Load the dump file.

> load database pubs3 from "compress::C:\Backup\BP\pubs3.dump" > go

Step 8

Bring the database online using online database command.

> online database pubs3 > go

Use this link to go back to the main recoverydocs Page.