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Follow the steps below to recover SAP R/3 data.

Step 1

Restore the backup id file (the file with an extension of .anf or .pff) from NBU to the default SAP backup location.

i.e. /oracle/<SID>/sapbackup

Example: We have the file bezmwlru.pff from NBU which needs to be restored to the SAP Oracle TS2 instance. So we restore it to the required location of /oracle/TS2/sapbackup/bezmwlru.pff

SAP R3 01.jpg

Step 2

Restore the data and control files from NBU to the SAP Oracle client under a folder with the name of the Backup ID (create the folder under "/oracle/<SID>/sapbackup" directory. Make sure to name it without using the extension type from the Backup ID.

Take for example Step 1, were we restore all data files and control file to a folder on a SAP Oracle client named bezmwlru.

SAP R3 02.jpg

Step 3

Warn.png WARNING: Please be aware, that the following step will overwrite any existing data files. If you do not want to overwrite files, modify the #FILE path Backup ID file (bezmwlru.pff) to the location where we want to restore the data.

Modify the #SAVED path in the Backup ID file pointing to the location where your restored files are.

Example: If you are restoring the data files, and they reside under location a location of"/oracle/TS2/sapbackup/bezmwlru/sr3.data6" then replace the #SAVED parameters in the Backup ID file to match the previous location.

Step 4

Edit the file with extension ".pff" and make sure that the settings for backup_dev_type is set to disk as we are restoring the imaged from this location.

The relevant section of the file should look similar to the one below.

Name Value

oracle_sid TS2 oracle_home /oracle/TS2/112_64 oracle_profile /oracle/TS2/112_64/dbs/initTS2.ora sapdata_home /oracle/TS2 sap_profile /oracle/TS2/112_64/dbs/ backup_mode PSAPSR3 backup_type offline backup_dev_type disk system_info orats2/orats2 sap-ora Linux 3.12.49-11-default #1 SMP Wed Nov 11 20:52:43 UTC 2015 (8d714a0) x86_64 oracle_info TS2 8192 32 1836601 sap-ora UTF8 UTF8 1850097416 &TS2 sap_info 740 SAPSR3 make_info linuxx86_64 OCI_112 Apr 10 2013 command_line /sapmnt/TS2/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/brbackup -t offline -d util_file -c -m PSAPSR3 -u

Step 5

Make the same change as in Step 5 to the file. The location to this file can be found from the ".pff" file and it will be inside the location of the Oracle home.

Example: /oracle/TS2/<SID>/dbs/

Step 6

Run "brrestore" on the SAP Oracle Client and feed it the Backup ID file.

Example: brrestore to Backup ID file bezmwlru will be run as /sapmnt/TS2/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/ brrestore -b bezmwlru.pff.

If all file shave been edited correctly, the restore process should go through without any issues.

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