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Follow the steps on this page to recover HANA databases without the backup catalog.

Note.png Note: The SAP HANA instance needs to be offline for the restore to work.

Step 1

NBU Import the converted images to NetBackup.

Step 2

Log in to SAP HANA Studio and navigate to Backup and Recovery>Recover System.

Hana Restore 01.jpg

Step 3

Select the option to recover the database to a specific data backup or storage group.

Hana Restore 02.jpg

Step 4

Choose to recover the database without the backup catalog.

Hana Restore 03.jpg

Step 5

Extract the backup prefix using "bplist" on the HANA server or from the Master Server. Refer NBU documentation for more details on "bplist"

C:>bplist -C sap-hana2 -t 17 -R / usr:\sap\HDD\SYS\global\hdb\backint\log_backup_0_0_0_0 usr:\sap\HDD\SYS\global\hdb\backint\COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_1_1 usr:\sap\HDD\SYS\global\hdb\backint\COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_2_1 usr:\sap\HDD\SYS\global\hdb\backint\COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_3_1 usr:\sap\HDD\SYS\global\hdb\backint\COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_databackup_0_1

In this example our prefix is COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP.

Step 6

Specify the destination type as "backint" and add the backup prefix.

Hana Restore 04.jpg

Step 7

Proceed to the review recovery setting and click on Finish. The recovery of HANA should begin.

Hana Restore 05.jpg

Use this link to go back to the main recoverydocs Page.