Cross Vendor Migration

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Below steps should be followed to enabled the Tranzman Appliance to discover backup environments for cross Vendor Migrations.

Step 1

Verify that the Dashboard looks like as shown in the below screenshot. The Dashboard enables you to check and monitor the TZM Appliance resources, migration state , service status , progress and state of Environments.


Step 2

Click the + button and add the backup environments.Enter the IP and select the platform of the backup server and hit Committ button.


Step 3

The Dashboard should now give you an environment with name as Querying instances... and IP address of your backup environment. Under the Agent Column hit the Agent.jpg button , this should download you a Agent package (.bin file if Origin is *nix or .exe file if Origin is Windows).


Step 4

Copy the file over to the backup server and install it.Make sure you either run the setup as administrator/root or as a user used to configure backup services. Follow the instructions on the screen during install.

Note.png Install of Agent on a Windows Server


Note.png Install of Agent on a Linux Server

[root@NBUNewMaster tmp]# chmod 755 ./C0A80591.bin [root@NBUNewMaster tmp]# ls -ltr ./C0A80591.bin -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 14102251 Aug 6 15:08 ./C0A80591.bin [root@NBUNewMaster tmp]# [root@NBUNewMaster tmp]# [root@NBUNewMaster tmp]# ./C0A80591.bin

Running Tranzman Agent Installer

Enter install path location [/opt/SRL]: Installing to /opt/SRL Looking for existing Tranzman Agent Installation in /opt/SRL Installing Tranzman Agent Starting Tranzman Agent [root@NBUNewMaster tmp]#

Note.png Note:-Repeat the above steps for all the environments to be added

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