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Here are common problems/ questions asked about Tranzman and simple solutions to fixing them.

Q.The Web GUI keeps saying connection refused when I browse to its page. The appliance is on, because I can still remote connect to it.

  • This can happen if the services on the appliance encounter an error. From the CLI go to support => services => services_restart
  • Now go to the Web GUI address and this should be working now.

Q.How do I configure my Windows NBU environment to work with the Tranzman Appliance?

  • When using Tranzman for Cross-Vendor migrations with a Windows NBU master server as the destination, the NetBackup Client Service (bpcd.exe) needs to be configured to use a "service account" and not "local system" account.
  • This is because the Tranzman Appliance storage is presented as a "share" to the NetBackup Master server. See Veritas Technote 000014282 for more details.

Q.I am trying to download the ISO/OVA file through StoneRam Fileshare, but it's failing after downloading some content.

  • This can happen due to some bandwidth issues, proxy restrictions or endpoint protection tools that cause the connection to timeout.
  • Please follow the this procedure to download the file in chunks.

Q.How do I configure Tranzman Agent on a NetBackup Flex environment or other containerised environment

  • When using Tranzman for Cross-Vendor or Same-Vendor migrations with a containerised Master running on a Flex Appliance, the following steps should be taken to ensure that the agent installs and doesn't keep stopping.
  • install the agent to "/mnt/nbdata/SRL" this ensures that it is in a persistent volume
  • change the path for curl to "/bin/curl" as that is where it is on a Flex instance.
  • create a cron entry to start the agent, this ensures that even if you log out the agent will keep running, as for some reason, even though the agent is set to run in the background, it is being terminated with the shell session.

crontab -e 21 * * * * cd /mnt/nbdata/opt/SRL/tzmclnt; ./tzmclnt

Q.When working with NetBackup appliances that use Symantec Critical Protection, we need to tell Tranzman the maintenance password

  • When using Tranzman on a NetBackup appliance where Symantec Critical Protection is enabled we need to create a file in the agent folder

/opt/SRL/tzmclnt/nbu_appliance_maintenance_pw in it we need to put the password you use when you go into "maintenance" in the clish.