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The Tranzman Appliance can be used to carry out Pre-Assessment checks, allowing consultants to fix any issues before the migration takes place. This page outlines the steps required to carry out this process.

Step 1

Make sure to have an account with Stone RAM's Migrate Assess Web-page. Link to the page can be found below.

Migrate Assess Web-page

Step 2

Accounts can easily be created by selecting the "Register New Account" option.


Note.png Note: A valid email account needs to be added, as an email for validation purposes will be sent back to the address.

Step 3

Two environments need to have been added to the Appliance. An Origin and a Destination.

Step 4

Under the Validation heading on the left hand side menu select the Pre-Assessment check. Then click on the plus sign as shown on the picture below.

Assessment-Pre-Assessment Menu.jpg

Step 5

Choose the order of the environments under Migration Plan. Which one will be the Origin (Source) and the Destination (Target).


Step 6

Still under the Validation menu go to Migration Plan, and click on the Refresh button. You will be prompted for an Enablement Code.

Assessment-Migration Menu.jpg

Step 7

Make a note of the Assessment ID from the appliance, and log in to the Migrate Assess Webpage.

Assessment-Appliance ID.jpg

Step 8

Use the ID to generate a code, and enter it to the Tranzman Appliance.


Note.png Note: Each code will only be valid for 10 seconds.

Step 9

Once the code has been entered, the appliance will process the information and display detailed information about each environment.

  • Any errors highlighted by the appliance can viewed in detail by clicking on them, then an explanation will pop up.
  • Consultants can then use this information to remedy the errors before committing to a full migration.